Justin Bonello has spent much of his life filming in the great outdoors, constantly immersing himself in Southern Africa’s many diverse cultures, and cooking on the open fire in remote, off the beaten track locations. He’ll tell you that many years ago, this was where his cooking life unofficially started: Out of the necessity of having to learn how to respect nature's bounty: the fish he caught on the Wild Coast, the mussels, crayfish and abalone he harvested for friends on weekends away and having to know what to do with the Karoo lamb sources directly from farmer and loves to cook from snout to tail.



In the last ten years, he has produced and hosted a number of television shows, including five seasons of Cooked, four seasons South Africa’s award-winning outdoor cooking competition series, the Ultimate Braai Master and an introspective travelogue series about the Karoo. He has also written seven books, and over the years he has firmly grounded himself as South Africa’s favourite bush-cook. Here, he shares his bush-cook knowledge and fireside skills and hopes that you will be inspired to cook more on the open flame.



In his own words, “There are no bad cooks, just friends who aren’t hungry enough.”